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Tradieforce Console offers educators and training groups the very latest in portable VR hardware. The console matches an Intel NUC microcomputer and an elite graphics card with innovative software that integrates gamification into the process of learning the fundamentals of various automotive trades. Starting with Spray Painting software then adding other trade skills such as metal and plastic welding to name a couple. For too long now, trades have struggled to attract new talent due to several factors including the stigma that trades are a dirty and less desirable career option.

Using immersive technology that today’s students already know and use at home and school raises attention and engagement while promoting the trades as a secure and evolving career choice. Demand and opportunity are higher than ever, providing exciting career pathways to owning your own business or progressing into management roles within your career.

With the addition of the Tradieforce mobile application, students and/or job seekers with an interest in a trade career can acquire information and hear directly from potential employers and trade professionals. The application provides users with the ability to create a profile, build up their resume and apply for jobs in real time. Users can choose to connect with one another and can share their success stories to others who may be thinking about starting a career within a trade-based industry.

Training organisations are provided with access to an online portal, that provides user-based analytics. The platform captures and tracks information on various different aspects of performance such as, statistics for previous attempts, time taken, paint used, session recordings along with multiple other features that will assist trainers in monitoring progress and identifying areas of concern.

Virtual Skills Training Simulator

Virtual Reality Console

Tradieforce Console


Oculus Rift S. One of the best VR headsets on the market, the Rift S allows for crystal clear visuals and with state of the art ergonomics the headset is light on head allowing for long play sessions.


Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Touch Keyboard Includes intergraded touch pad for simple set up and interaction

Secure Hardcase

Using the latest Pelican Case Air technology, our consoles are lightweight ,watertight, crushproof, and dust-proof and by measuring at just 61.3 x 47.8 x 33.7 cm the console can be stored in almost any environment for long periods of time

Storage Space

To store any additional cables such as HDMI or power adapters

Battery Storage

Store up to 8 batteries for your controllers in your console so you never run out of power when on the road.


Intel BOXNUC8I7HVK4 NUC (Haydes Canyon).The smallest and most powerful VR ready PC on the market, this machine will allow you to play the most performance heavy PC VR simulations with ease.


Quad-Core i7-8809G with fast base and turbo clock speeds of 3.10GHz and 4.20GHz respectively.


Integrated Radeon™ RX Vega M GH graphics unit delivers superior visuals up to 4K resolution.


16 GB of memory to give the pc enough computing power to do multiple tasks at once.


Memory 500gb of storage gives ample space to install all the VR training simulation you need

Tradieforce Console Pricing


  • Compact carry case
  • Efficient interactive training
  • Realtime guided feedback
  • Multiple user modes
  • Plug and play setup
  • Gamification
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  • Custom assets such as spraygun, vehicles or branding
  • Spray-paint controller mount $1,000 USD per mount
  • Mobile app companion
  • New skills softwares
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Government, education and training providers please inquire about our bulk discount rates.

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