Software Setup

Software Setup Quick Start Guide V1.0

This document will guide you through how to setup your Tradieforce Console Software.

If this is the first time your system has been used, please read the below document and follow each step. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact support, we are here to help.

Application Overview #

Tradieforce Installer #

Preferred Install Location is: “C:/TradieForce Apps”

Tradieforce Updater #

Tradieforce Hub Login #

a. Email Login Field

b. Password Login Field

c. Forgot Password Button (Sends password reset mail to entered email)

d. Login Button

e. Register Button

f. Admin Link Button

Link Admin Account #

a. Admin Email Field

b. Admin Password Field

c. Link Admin Button

Tradieforce Hub Register #

Tradieforce Hub Library #

a. Expand Side-Menu

b. User Avatar

c. Tradieforce Store

d. Library

e. Analytics

f. Settings (Admin only)

g. Log Out

h. Demo Applications

i. Available Applications

Analytics #

a. Applications with Analytics

b. Users with Analytics from Selected App

c. Filter users by Sub-admin

d. Generate Application Report for Selected User

Settings (Admin Only) #

a. General Settings (Admin Account Management)

b. Installed Applications (Uninstall Already Installed Applications)

c. Users Administration (Assign Sub-Admins to Users or Promote Users to Sub-Admins)

Settings (User Management) #

a. User Connected to Current Admin

b. Sub-Admin Assigned to User

c. No Sub-Admin Selected

d. Set Selected User as Sub-Admin

e. Assign User to Sub-Admin #1

f. Assign User to Sub-Admin #2

Initial Setup #

If this is your first time setting up Tradieforce Console, your first login should be with Admin account. This can be done via:

  • Pressing Link Admin button on Tradieforce Hub
  • Logging in with Admin Account

Note: We advise that you reset your admin password before your first login via forgot password button.

After logging in your product library will be displayed. There you can install or buy applications.

User Login #

  • If the console has admin account linked, your user details will be connected to your organization.
  • If you are not logging in from a linked console you will be asked if this PC is personal or to link admin account

Report Generation #

Reports are generated on cloud and are sent to your email.

Admin Mode #

Admins cannot launch applications, only users can launch applications.

You can generate user report for selected user and selected application, filtered by Sub-Admins.

Sub-Admin Mode #

You can generate user report for users assigned to you.

User Mode #

You can generate reports for applications you own and have played.

User Management (Admin Only) #

In Settings > User Management you can manage users connected to your account.

For each user you can:

  • Remove Sub-Admin
  • Promote to Sub-Admin
  • Change current Sub-Admin

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