SprayVIS Setup

SprayVIS Initial Setup #

  • Please ensure that your system is connected to the internet prior to setup. (To do this please select the logo from the right end of the taskbar on the windows desktop then select your Wi-Fi network name and sign in.)
  • Launch SprayVIS from Tradieforce Hub.
  • When SprayVIS is launched you will start in the main menu allowing you to select from two modes.
    • Paint a Panel
      • A virtual spray-painting trainer featuring immersive environments designed to stimulate early learning in spray painting and develop techniques.
      • This mode can replace the traditional training within the spray-booth working environment.
      • This mode allows trainers to adjust settings such as paint cost, default gun settings and recommended paint time.
    • Learning Modules
      • A variety of modules to aid the trainee learn all of the proper techniques for spray painting.
      • Quizzes for each lesson to aid interactive learning

SprayVIS: Paint a Panel #

  • Once this mode is selected the user will be met with the following screen where they can choose from the following categories:
    • Automotive
    • Construction
    • Aircraft
  • After a part is selected the user selects if they would like to see the virtual trainer to guide them through the painting process. In this menu they can also modify the height of the part to suit their preference.
  • The voice over will guide the user through the rest of the process. This can also be muted on the left-hand menu. This menu also allows the user to change the spray gun settings, such as the fan size and the paint flow.
  • The user can also activate the ‘Heat map Cam’ from this menu so they can see their paint coverage map through a live screen on the back of their spray gun.
  • Once finished their three paint coats, primer, base and clear, the user will see a summary of their painted part. Here the user can see their:
    • Paint usage and how it matched with the ideal usage.
    • Time taken and how it matched with the ideal time.
    • Heat maps for each coat.
    • Paint coverage statistics for each coat.
    • Painting path taken and replay of their painting process.
    • Grade based on how close they were to the ideal paint usage, time taken and coverage.
  • After exiting using the exit icon , the user can select another part to paint, or review their historical progress for each part by clicking the progress icon .

SprayVIS: Learning Modules #

  • In this mode the user can select a topic/lesson and learn all about the process in an interactive way with the following:
  • Written and auditory cues
  • Hands-on interactions with the topic at hand
  • End of lesson Quizzes

Packing up SprayVIS #

  • Before commencing pack up, ensure the computer is shut down safely, to do this:
    • Simply press and hold the power button the computer, this will close any applications and turn off the system.
    • If you want to only exit SprayVIS to the main desktop, press FN+alt+F4 at the same time of Esc.
  • Once the computer is shutdown, turn off the power outlet and unplug the power brick from the wall.
  • Place the VR headset in the hard case, adjust the head strap to the smallest size by turning the dial on the back.
  • Unplug the VR headset’s USB and DisplayPort cables
  • Carefully roll up the VR headset cable so it fits neatly into the designated space, being careful not to kink or tangle the VR headset cable.
    • The cord should lay flat underneath the Oculus headset.
  • Slide the VR headset vertically into the designated space.
  • Unplug the air hose from the spray gun controller mount by pulling the outside ring of the fitting on the hose end down, while holding the spray gun controller mount.
  • Grip the spray gun controller mount by the ring with the logo and lower it vertically into its designated space.
    • The spray gun controller mount should sit slightly above the cutout, as pictured below, and be parallel with the top inside surface of the hard case.
      • Note: If the controller is incorrectly stored, it may cause damage to the system during storage and transport.
  • Coil the air hose and store in the designated space.
    • Note: The coiled air hose should not protrude from the top inside surface of the hard case by any more than approximately 5cm.

Tuck the long thin power cable into the left end of the designated space, as pictured in the first image below.

  • Put the power plug and thicker cable into the right end of the designated space, as pictured below in the middle image.
  • Slide the power brick into the designated space, making sure to tuck the thin cable underneath the power brick as pictured below in the third image.
  • Unplug the HDMI cable from the front of the computer, if used, and place back in its designated space.
  • Turn off they keyboard, if used, and slide it into its designated space.
  • Ensure all parts are away as per the System Overview image at the beginning of this document.
  • Close the hard case’s lid and clip all 4 latches down.

Maintenance and Other Process #

You can add the extra supplied weight to your spray gun controller mount to simulate more paint in the spray gun. It should be noted that the spray gun controller mount can be utilized with no weights, however, the ‘tank’ requires at least one weight to attach to the spray gun controller mount’s main body.

  • The spare weight is stored in the top right cut out underneath the HDMI cable.
  • To install the weights, simply slide the cap off the lid of the spray gun controller mount ‘tank’.
  • Carefully insert the weight into the tank, male threaded end first.
  • Lightly screw the new weight into the existing weight until its silicone washer makes contact.
  • Replace the lid.

Changing the Controller’s Battery #

When the controller is getting low on power, you will receive an onscreen notification. The SprayVIS controller mount uses the right-hand controller. The left-hand controller doesn’t need to be powered for the system to function.

A low battery warning indicates that you have about 2hr battery remaining.

  • To remove the battery simply undo the Velcro on the spray gun controller mount.
  • Slide back the panel on the controller.
    • The panel is magnetically attached to the controller body for easy removal.
  • Replace the battery (1xAA) and reattach the panel.
  • Firmly tighten the Velcro strap and ensure the controller isn’t loose in the mount.

Remove the Controller from the Spray Gun Controller Mount #

In relation to the SprayVIS system, there is no need to remove the controller form the spray gun controller mount. However, if you do need to the paint tank will firstly need to be removed.

  • To remove the tank, first push on its lid to ensure the tank is completely pressed onto the weights.
  • Rotate the tank anti-clockwise, ensuring the bottle does not rub against the controller’s ring.
    • Tilting the controller mount forward while rotating can help avoid this.
    • Note: If the tank is spinning but the weight is not unscrewing from the spray gun controller mount, try applying some sideways force while rotating the tank.
      • If this doesn’t work, the tank can also be slid up slightly, granting access to the base of the weight. Using a flathead screwdriver apply slight tangential pressure to the silicone washer with the aim to loosen its grip.
      • If still no luck the tank can be removed from the weight by pulling it off the weight, this will require considerable force and should be a last resort.
  • Once the tank is removed, undo the Velcro strap.
  • The controller can now be removed by lifting from its end.

Resetting the VR Scene Position and Orientation #

If you find yourself facing the wrong direction in the virtual scene in relation to your physical workspace, or are too far off center in your workspace, you can press the ‘A’ button on the top of the controller to reset your position in the scene.

Starting a SprayVIS Information Video #

A SprayVIS information video can be played on the external screen in situations like at expos and events between users, etc. To play the video navigate to the SprayVIS Home Screen and

press the ‘B’ button on the top of the controller. The video will now be playing on the external screen.

To stop the video, press the ‘B’ button again.

Adding Your Custom Logo into the SprayVIS Environment #

  • Go to : “C:/Users/Public/SprayVisSaves/”
  • Add your logo into this folder.
    • Note: The logo must be in .PNG format and have a 1:1 ratio.
  • Rename the logo file to Logo.
  • Once the PNG logo is in the folder, SprayVIS will load it into the background of certain scenes for users to see.

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