Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions or queries then please feel free to drop us a line at

Do I need the Tradieforce VR Libabry Application to run the VR Applications from the store?

Yes. The VR Applications from the Tradieforce Store can be run only from the Tradieforce VR Libabry Desktop Application for Windows. Please contact us at if you are interested to use the app outside the Tradieforce VR Library Platform

What VR hardware and Software should I use?

The Tradieforce VR Training and VR Assessment Applications are tested and optimized for Oculus VR Platforms. You have to install the Oculus VR software for your headset prior running the VR apps.

Do you have a partnership programme, and if so, how would I become one?

Yes we do have a partnership program. Please contact us at to discuss the opportunities to place your VR app in the Tradieforce VR Software Library

I want to purchase the Tradieforce console and VR apps with an Invoice issued to my company

Yes, we can issue an invoice and ship to companies and individuals worldwide after the payment. Please contact us at and we will discuss the details

My Console won't turn on

This will have to do with the power supply. First make sure that the power cable is securely plugged into the power socket and adapter/brickWe recommend you plug straight into a socket in the wall to ensure you get enough power, but you can use a power board. 

If that doesn’t work, it may be the power cable has fallen out from behind the NUC PC. Carefully pull out the NUC to make sure that no other cables fall out and check that the power cable is in securely in by taking it out and then plugging it back in. Try turning on the NUC before putting it back into see if it. If it turns on, make sure you safely turn it off before putting the NUC back into the hard case. Be careful when putting it back in to make sure no other cables come undone. 

If none of these steps work Contact Tradiebot for assistance. 

My Headset isn't turning on

Depending on the type of headset you are using you need to follow these steps: 

Rift S: 

This headset requires both a USB and DisplayPort to be securely plugged in to work. 

The USB cable goes straight in the front of the NUC and the display cable goes into the extension cable that is found in the hole inside the headset cut out. (Note that there may be a HDMI extension cable in the hole as well that looks very similar to the display port so make sure that you plug into the correct one.) 

Quest 2: 

This headset is both a PC headset and Standalone headset. This headset can run out of battery power if not turned off when not used. Make sure that it turns on by holding down on the side of the side of the visor about 5 seconds until you hear a turn on sound. If you wear the head set while turning it on, you will see a low power icon if its low on power. If this is the case, plug into the NUC or a USB-C charger and leave it for about 30min to charge. 

If this doesn’t work contact Tradiebot for support. 

My Rift-S headset has an orange light on the inside and I can’t see anything when wearing it

This means that there was an issue with the headset’s operating software and a solution can often be found by opening the oculus software on the NUC and reading the warnings. Majority of the time it’s because there is an update that needs to be installed or you just need to unplug and plug the headset back in. (When the NUC is not used make sure you unplug all headset cables from the NUC to avoid damage to hardware when closed) 

My Quest 2 headset isn’t playing my PC apps

The Quest 2 headset is by default a standalone headset and needs to be linked to the pc to work. To do this is very easy: Just turn on the headset and plug in the supplied oculus link cable into the USB-C port found on the NUC and the other end into the side of the headset. (note that the sideways end of the cable plugs into the headset to help keep it secure) when plugged in the headset will ask the user if they want to turn on oculus link. Click yes and the headset will show a slightly different room than what you just saw. If the message to enable link did not appear you can find it in settings very easily. 

(We suggest you get familiar with how the headset works with the NUC and after a few times it will come naturally.) 

My Controllers or keyboard are not working

These devices are powered by battery so there is a high change they are just out of power and need new batteries. If this doesn’t fix the problem try the following: 

The keyboard uses a USB dongle to connect to the NUC so make sure that that hasn’t fallen out from the back. 

The VR controllers may have lost their connection to the headset. Run through the headset set up process by clicking on devices in the oculus software and then clicking on your headset. There should be a button to set up the headset again. 

My TV/Monitor doesn’t show anything

The Console requires a TV/Monitor that supports HDMI to work. However some smart TVs have been known to not support the console as they detect the PC and try to give themselves access to give commands. We recommend you avoid using smart boards or smart TV to run the console and just stick with a monitor or TV. 

Everything is blurry in the headset

Everyone has a different shaped head so make sure that each user adjusts the headset accordingly before beginning to play. Make sure that the headset sits comfortable on the face and use the straps to lock it in place. Some headsets allow you to manually adjust the width of the lenses which also may help. It may also help to clean the lenses as they can fog up in humid environments.

Can my console play other VR apps?

The Console in its foundation is a PC so yes there is a possibility you can play VR apps not in our library but be aware we cannot guarantee how they will perform and we will not provide assistance for problems and damage caused by playing apps that are not on the Tradieforce platform.

How do you take hardware out of the Console?

All components fit tightly into the foam cut-outs which can make it difficult to remove by design. 

There is a way to safely remove everything without causing damage to the hardware. The foam cut-out is part of one big block so you just need to carefully grab the foam and gently lift it up. It may fight back a bit but just give it a gentle wiggle and it will slowly start to loosen up. Once the foam is out, carefully reach under the NUC and unplug all cables before removing any component. 

How to put the hardcase back together?

Firstly, make sure that the NUC is in the right way with the bottom facing the edge of the hard case. This lets the computer breath and prevent over-heating. Once the NUC is securely in, plug in all cables into the back making sure NOT to plug in the Oculus USB plug into the back as that goes in one of the front ports. Next make sure that the power cable from the NUC to the brick is not too tight or loose and locked into the small cut-out section that you will find on the bottom of the hardcase. Slowly slide the foam back into the hardcase making sure to stop and check that the power cable it still in its cutout. Remember to make sure the power cable isn’t too tight or loose.